Geodesy and geometric engineering department admitted students in A.A of mapping geodesy in 2000. Quality and quantity Development of members of scientific board and equipments helped the establishment of B.SC of mapping. Admitting students in A.A has stopped by departments proposal and approval of university and now it admits nightly and daily students in and will admit students in from next year. This department admits more than 60 students of civil, architecture and geology field each semester for presenting mapping courses and now has 200student. Acceptance of students of this department in and entrance to business market of almost all students show the quality of education and need of society to this skill. By approval of educational council of zanjan university this department tries to establish common period of M.SC in geodesy and geometric major with royal college of Sweden .

Future programs:

Quantitative and qualitative development of teaching mapping in IRAN especially in high education, development of foundational researches and active attendance in regionally or internationally scientific congress

Communication with Geodesy and Geometric Engineering

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